The general requirements to become a student at UB follow Rector’s Regulation No. 18 of 2021. The requirements to enroll bachelor program are a high school certificate and academic transcript or equivalent. In addition to the general requirements, some SPs require special requirements, for instance, in the BAET, prospective students should not be color blind.

The admission process of new bachelor students at UB follows the regulation of Permendikbud number 6 of 2020 concerning the admission of new students in State University. In UB, there are three types of admission for bachelor programs, as follows:

  1. SNMPTN (National Selection Entrance of State Universities). The prospective students are selected based on their academic achievements or portfolios. SNMPTN is carried out simultaneously for all State Universities in Indonesia. SNMPTN is intended to attract students who have high and consistent achievements in high school. The SNMPTN selection uses the School and Student Database (SSD) as the primary reference.
  2. SBMPTN (Joint Selection Entrance of State Universities) is held through the Computer-Based Examination (CBE). Selection is carried out, simultaneously for all State Universities in Indonesia, on prospective students based on the results of the UTBK.
  3. SMUB (University of Brawijaya Independent Selection). SMUB is a UB entrance selection that is held independently by UB. SMUB is regulated by the Rector’s Regulation which is issued every SMUB implementation. SMUB is applied for three types of prospective students, as follows:
  • Indonesian Prospective Students, Independent Selection through UTBK Scores and academic reports, which can be combined with other criteria according to remarkable achievements;
  • Overseas Independent Students, Overseas Independent Selection, namely admission for foreign citizens (WNA) to regular class study programs (Indonesian) or international class (English) at Brawijaya University (UB)
  • The Students with Disabilities (SMPD), UB provides opportunities for people with disabilities, except for blind students. SMPD is made through administrative selection and interview tests conducted by the Center for Disability Studies and Services Universitas Brawijaya (CDSS-UB) in collaboration with related study programs. Detailed information on SMPD can be accessed at SELMA. SMPD at UB has been implemented since 2013. If students with disabilities pass the SBMPTN selection, they will undergo a competency test organized by the Head of the Study Program in coordination with CDSS-UB. After passing the selection, they are accepted as UB students. The information related to CDSS-UB can be accessed at CDSS-UB helps serve all the needs and facilities for students with special needs while studying at UB.

According to Permendikbud number 6 of 2020, every state university must determine and announce the number of new student capacity for SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and other selections. According to these regulations, the capacity of SNMPTN students for each study program in UB is at least 20%, the capacity of SBMPTN students is at least 40%, and the capacity of other selected students is set at most 30% from the total student capacity.

The data in the last four years showed that many students from all over Indonesia are highly interested in applying to BAGB and BAET. The approximate ratio can reach 10:1 as shown in Picture 1.

Picture 1. The number of applicants and accepted students of the bachelor program.

The selection system (SNMPTN, SBMPTN, and SMUB) is constantly evaluated and developed every year following technological advances. The SNMPTN and SBMPTN selections are organized and managed by the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (HEETI), the only institution administering standardized higher education tests in Indonesia. SNMPTN, UTBK, and SBMPTN prospective participants must register or create an account at LTMPT via the page. In addition, all information regarding the student selection in UB can be publicly accessed on the

To enroll in a master program, prospective students must submit their bachelor certificate and academic transcript. For being a student in the master program, prospective students must meet the following requirements:

  • GPA of at least 2.75. out of 4.00
  • TOEFL ITP score of at least 450 or IELTS 5.0 equivalent.
  • A minimum Academic Potential Test (APT) score of 450.

In the master program, the selection of new students is carried out independently through the Independent Selection of Master Program. Selection is carried out based on the requirements and previous academic degrees under Rector regulations. UB Master Program student registration is held twice a year (in every semester), and it is carried out centrally at the university level. Meanwhile, the acceptance decision for master students in FA is carried out at the faculty level.

Information related to the general requirements for the selection of master students at the university level is accessible at, while the detailed information related to the faculty is accessible at For international student, complete information related to admission can also be accessed at Other information about international programs can be accessed at

For the last four years, the ratio between applicants and accepted students was 1:1, as shown in Picture 2. All the SPs strive toward continuous improvement in the program to make the SP more favorable for the prospective students. The effort was conducted in several ways, such as developing collaboration with overseas universities in joint supervision, joint lectures, and/or joint degrees.

Picture 2. The number of applicants and accepted students of the master’s program.

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