Agribusiness Study Program held a Collaborative Design Workshop held in the Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of the Agricultural Socio-Economy Building (16/11/20). The activity which was held on Friday was attended by the MB KM Grant Team, Head of Department and Department Secretary. The workshop was held offline while still observing strict health protocols, because it was still in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In this workshop, the aim is to make an agreement on PS Agribusiness Cooperation of UB FP with 11 partners. Implementation of MBKM requires cooperation between industry partners, communities and educational units.

In order for the MBKM program to run smoothly, a sustainability strategy is needed. So that there are no misunderstandings between the two parties, the strategy is to always coordinate and communicate intensively between the two parties so that good relations are established according to the agreement and student learning outcomes are achieved.

Coordination and communication strategies between universities and MBKM partners can be realized by establishing agreements and signing PKS and MOUs with partners. This is needed to legalize cooperation between the two parties to immediately implement MBKM.

The signing of the PKS and MOU with partners was carried out November 7 – December 1 2020. The signing was carried out in 2 ways, namely visiting partners or through an expedition. The MOU signing process was carried out by the MBKM Grant Team. 

There are several MBKM Partners who have signed the PKS and MOU. One of them is PT. Nara Indonesia, which was held October 29 – December 4 2020. Starting with an agreement to collaborate on holding a Webinar between the Faculty of Agriculture and PT. Nara Indonesia, then followed by sharing information regarding MBKM and discussing the Timeline for MBKM implementation. Followed by socialization to 200 students who want to take MBKM. Apart from PT Nara Indonesia, Melirang Village, Gresik Regency, Bakalankrajan Village, Malang City, Kiduldalem Village, Malang City, SMPN 12 Malang, SDN 3 Lesanpuro Malang City, Boarding School Tazkia High School Malang Regency, Srimulyo Village and Sukodono Village, Malang Regency, signed the signing ceremony. cooperation agreement

Signing of an agreement between partners, which is evidence of the establishment of a cooperative bond for the implementation of MBKM, then the next step is to coordinate with all parties involved so that the activities run immediately. With the signing of the agreement, it is hoped that MBKM will run smoothly.

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