The successful outcome of the Study Program Grant Implementing Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka ( Free Learning-Independent Campus ) Cooperation Curriculum given by the Ministry of Education and Culture to Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Brawijaya in August 2020, can deliver PS in implementing the MBKM program even semester 2020/2021. The departure and opening ceremony of the MBKM Program was attended by 202 students of the MB KM Agribusiness Study Program (12/2/21).

The opening of the Even Semester MBKM Program at the Faculty of Agriculture by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture Dr.Ir. Damanhuri, MS which was attended by work partners was held on (18/2/2021).

A total of 202 Agribusiness PS students implementing the MBKM Program chose 6 forms of activity, including Apprentice Forms of 172 students to 30 industry partners, banking, both private and government agencies, Student Exchange Forms 1 person to Kyungpook National University Korea, Entrepreneurship Forms a total of 6 people who supervised by business partners of the same type with a higher business scale, Forms of Teaching Assistance were selected by 4 students to Integrated Islamic Middle Schools and High Schools in Malang, Forms of Research were selected by 2 persons to the Medan Oil Palm Research Center and Forms of Building Villages through the BUMDES project of 23 students in Malang Regency.

Armed with the outputs of the grant, such as the MBKM PS Agribusiness Curriculum Document, Free Learning Guidebook for Agribusiness PS, Learning Modules: Work Apprenticeship, Teaching Assistance in education units, and Building Villages as well as 11 collaborative documents, become a guide for the implementation of MBKM in Agribusiness PS.

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