Activities carried out at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Teuku Umar Aceh, on October 8 2020 with the theme FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION Curriculum CAMPUS MERDEKA study program Agribusiness. Held 4 sessions with different speakers, one of which was the Head of the Agribusiness Study Program, Brawijaya University.

SESSION I: Scientific Development of Agribusiness, PROF. Dr. IR BUSTANUL ARIFIN, M.SC Professor of Agricultural Economics, University of Lampung, INDEF Senior Economist
SESSION 2: Agribusiness Implementation in Agroindustry, DEDI IKHWANI, SP
Teaching staff D-III Agribusiness Management Study Program, Unsyiah Coffee Practitioner at Bener Meriah
SESSION 3: Implementation of the Independent Campus in the Agribusiness Study Program, DR.IR. AGUSTINA SHINTA HW, MP, Head of Agribusiness Study Program, Brawijaya University
SESSION 4: Independent Campus Agribusiness Curriculum from the Perspective of the DR. IR. DWI RACHMINA, M.SI, Central Management of AAI and PERHEPI, Chair of the Department of Agribusiness, FEM, IPB University

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