Located at the Senate Hall on the 6th floor of the Central Building of the UB Faculty of Agriculture, the Faculty of Agriculture of the Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) Makassar conducted a comparative study on the international accreditation of agribusiness and agrotech programs for the UB Faculty of Agriculture.

Present to welcome the arrival of the Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Sujarwo accompanied by the Head of Quality Assurance Group (GJM) FP UB Dr. Riyanti Isaskar and KPS Agribusiness Dr. Agustina Shinta and KPS Agroecotechnology Dr.Agr. Nunun Barunawati. Meanwhile, from the Faculty of Agriculture, Indonesian Muslim University (UMI) Makassar, Deputy Dean I Dr. Ir. H. Mais Ilsan, MP and Deputy Dean II Dr. Ir. Saida, M.Sc. along with the entourage.

On this occasion, the Head of the Quality Assurance Institute (LPM) Universitas Brawijaya, Dr. Shinta Hadiyantina, S.H., M.H. which provides delivery of material related to the procedures and stages in the process of implementing international accreditation at Brawijaya University.

In his explanation that actually in the implementation of accreditation and quality assurance there is a quality guarantor, where the quality guarantor is the Faculty leadership, regarding this matter LPM UB usually when there is a new leader in the Faculty immediately holds a meeting related to understanding quality assurance. This is done so that there is an understanding in the process of carrying out the quality culture of each unit.

“Actually, international accreditation is not much different from the existing national accreditation, the materials prepared are also almost the same, but usually each international accreditation body is usually more inclined towards the quality of service to students and curriculum,” said Shinta.(zma/source)

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