The Department of Social Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Brawijaya hosted the inauguration of the Agribusiness Study Program Association (IPSAGRI) which was carried out in a hybrid manner at the Co-Working Main Hall of Sosek Building, FP UB.
The inauguration was carried out by the Secretary General of FKPTPI (Indonesian Agricultural College Communication Forum) Prof. Samanhudi online, also attended directly by the Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs Prof. Priest Santoso
Dr. Ir.Agustina Shinta, M.P, who is also the Head of the UB FP Agribusiness Study Program, was appointed as the Chair of IPSAGRI, while the Supervisory and Advisory Board:

  • Prof. Dr. Jamhari from UGM Yogyakarta
  • Prof. Dr. Nuhfil Hanani from Brawijaya University Malang
  • Dr. Ir. Joni Murti Mulyo Aji from Jember University, East Java
  • Dr. Ir. Iwan Setiawan, M.Si from Padjadjaran University, Bandung
    Besides the inauguration, SEM-PLS training was also held which presented Dr. Wing Wahyu Winarno, MAFIS, CA, Akuntan. as a presenter.
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