Tracer Study is required for the purpose of evaluating higher education results which can be used for improvement and quality assurance of the Agribusiness Study Program. The Agribusiness Study Program carries out regular tracking of alumni with the objectives of a/ knowing the whereabouts of BAGB alumni after graduating from college, b/ building an alumni database and collaborating with alumni, c/ identifying alumni profiles and competencies, d/ evaluating the relevance of curriculum implementation to the needs of the job market, and e/ fulfillment of BAN-PT accreditation criteria.

Feedback from alumni is used to improve education systems management as one of the inputs to improve education systems and management in terms of teaching and learning patterns/processes, research, practicum, workshops, laboratories, studios, or research. The results of input in the form of conditions, experience and student motivation, education systems and policies in tertiary institutions, and the teaching and learning process in the Study Program will help in shaping the character/competence of SP graduates themselves. Graduates/alumni from tertiary institutions will generally have the knowledge, abilities, motivation, and competencies needed to enter the world of work

The tracking system carried out by BAGB is integrated with UB, which is organized by UPT Career Development and Entrepreneurship (UPKK), with the alumni tracking method by contacting one of the active alumni as a contact person for alumni of their class. The media used to collect this information are email, social media, and telephone. In addition, FA, UB’s anniversary events, and activities at the UB Alumni Association are activities that can be used as a means of tracking alumni. The instruments for tracking alumni are adjusted to the indicators in BAN-PT and UPKK UB always invites the Head of the Study Program throughout UB to discuss the instruments that will be distributed to alumni. Communication is always maintained through the wa group between UPKK UB and all Head of the Study Program. The instrument is distributed using the g.form application with the application which contains questions regarding waiting time for work, the field of work, work agency, suitability of work field, income, GPA passing, and so on.

The data collected by UPT UPKK can be downloaded by Head of Study Program to be recapitulated, edited as needed and evaluated to serve as a basis for improving learning facilities and curricula. Data of Graduate waiting time to work was obtained from the results of a graduate tracer study  who graduated in the 2015/2016, 2016/2017, and 2017/2018 Academic Years. The method of collecting tracer studies is through the dissemination of link tracer studies conducted by the Agribusiness Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture, and Brawijaya University. The collection of tracer studies by the Agribusiness Study Program was carried out in October 2015-April 2017 and September-October 2019. The tracer studies from 2020 to 2021 will be centered at universities. The questionnaire link can be accessed by graduates at and the results can be accessed by the Faculty of Agriculture Quality Assurance Group and the Head of the Study Program. There were 656 people out of 1,483 graduates who filled out tracer studies.

In detail, the tracer study report can be seen here
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