Workshops for Compilation of Rubrics and Logbooks for Assessments for 8 Forms of Independent Learning were organized by the Agribusiness Study Program, Brawijaya University, held in the Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of the Agricultural Socio-Economy Building (3-4/10/20)

Activities carried out on Saturday and Sunday 3-4 October 2020 were attended by Deputy Dean 1, Head of Department, Department Secretary, 5 Heads of Laboratories, Head of Study Program, and 8 lecturer representatives. The workshop was held offline while still observing strict health protocols, because it was still in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The aim of the workshop was to produce a Draft Document as part of the 2020 MB KM PS Agribusiness Guide, in which there is a Rubric and Logbook for Assessment of 8 Forms of Independent Learning. The workshop is one of a series of efforts and concrete actions by the Agribusiness Study Program to refine/reorient the PS curriculum and plan the implementation of various forms of cooperation with partners so that the implementation of the MBKM program runs according to the achievements of the PS and independent forms.

The 8 Forms of Independent Learning Assessment Rubric and Logbook were created to make it easier for lecturers and students to carry out MB KM activities. The rubric contains details outputs what

The output of the workshop was in the form of Draft Documents as part of the MB KM PS Agribusiness 2020 guide which is a guide to make it easier for Lecturers and Students to understand the MB KM learning process. It is hoped that this document will become a reference to expedite the MBKM Program.

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