PS Agribusiness Universitas Brawijaya held a Workshop on Finalization of Document Reorientation Curriculum PS Agribusiness MBKM Education Program in Meeting Room lt 2 Agricultural Socioeconomic Building (18-19/9/20)

Activities held on Friday and Saturday 18-19 September 2020 attended by Deputy Dean 1, Head of Department, Department Secretary, 5 Heads of Laboratories, Head of Study Program, and 8 lecturer representatives. The workshop was held offline while still observing strict health protocols, because it was still in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The aim of the workshop was to produce a Draft Document as part of the 2020 Agribusiness PS KM Guide and Reorientation of the Agribusiness PS Curriculum. The workshop is one of a series of efforts and concrete actions by the Agribusiness Study Program to refine/reorient the PS curriculum and plan the implementation of various forms of cooperation with partners so that the implementation of the MBKM program runs according to the achievements of the PS and independent forms.

Universities must be able to create a curriculum that can bridge the gap between the educational process and the industrial world, villages and educational units to meet the need for innovation. Learning is not only from internships in the industrial world, but very valuable learning can be obtained by interacting with communities in villages, and teaching in education units. Therefore, it is necessary to reorient the Agribusiness

Study Program Curriculum Reorientation of the Agribusiness Study Program Curriculum is made because this is the first time that the Agribusiness Study Program is holding the MB KM Program. In accordance with the Minister of Education and Culture No. 3 of 2020 concerning National Higher Education Standards, the Independent Learning Policy – ​​Independent Campus is established. This policy gives rights to students for 3 semesters of study outside their study program. To answer this policy, Universitas Brawijaya carries out a learning transformation to be able to equip and prepare its graduates to become a superior generation, a generation that is responsive and ready to face the challenges of its time, without abandoning the local wisdom of the nation.

The output of the workshop was in the form of Draft Documents as part of the MB KM PS Agribusiness 2020 guide which is a guide to make it easier for Lecturers and Students to understand the MB KM learning process. It is hoped that this document will become a reference to expedite the MBKM Program.

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