Ps Agribusiness held a Workshop on Preparation of Independent Forms Modules: Building Villages, Apprenticeships and Entrepreneurs held in the Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of the Agricultural Socio-Economic Building (20/9/20)

Activities held on Tuesday , 2-4 November 2020 attended by the MB KM Grant Team. The workshop was held offline while still observing strict health protocols, because it was still in the atmosphere of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

This workshop focused on completing the Village Building module. This module is expected to make it easier for students and partners to understand the MBKM program with the type of Village Building activities.

This Village Building activity is a learning process for students and at the same time a place for community empowerment. Building Villages is carried out with an empowerment paradigm that raises real problems in society by empowering local resources. It is strongly encouraged that this activity be carried out through a multi and transdisciplinary approach. This is expected to spur the community’s ability to develop themselves and the region which has an impact on increasing their welfare.

The scope of Merdeka Learning MBKM’s activities, where students carry out village assistance and assist in carrying out innovations related to improving community welfare, quality of life, developing local potential, and solving problems in the use of natural resources and the environment.

The output of the workshop in the form of the Merdeka Form Module: Building a Village is a guide for the MBKM Program in the form of Village Building activities to make it easier for Lecturers, Students, and Partners to understand the MBKM learning process. It is hoped that this document will become a reference to expedite the MBKM Program.

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