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BAGB equips the students to be corporate managers, entrepreneurs, policy consultants, extensions, and researchers with ethics, knowledgeable and global future-oriented who adopt agribusiness model practices in a holistic approach to create sustainable tropical farming systems. The vision, mission, and PLO BAGB are as follows.


By 2025, BAGB is becoming an excellent study program, international standardized, and actively engaging in agribusiness development through sustainable tropical farming systems.

  • Implementing the morals and ethics to manage agricultural sectors and environment to reach and appreciate resources that God creates 
  • Organizing international agribusiness education to produce high-quality human resources in the field of agribusiness through sustainable farming systems
  • Disseminating science and technology in the field of agribusiness to develop sustainable farming
  Program Learning Objectives (PLO)
PLO1 Demonstrate attitudes, skills, and knowledge in establishing policies, organizing operational management in agribusiness, and improving community capacity to develop sustainable agribusiness to global change.
PLO2 Demonstrate a high level of professionalism in career through critical thinking, effective communication, social and ethical responsibility in developing sustainable tropical farming.
PLO3 Proficient in solving strategic problems, generating novelty in terms of intellectual property, and recommending policies in agribusiness managerial positions.
PLO4 Advancing professionalism competence through postgraduate studies, certification, and training in sustainable agribusiness.

The Agribusiness Study Program is an international standard excellent study program and plays an active role in the development of agribusiness through a sustainable farming system.

The Agribusiness Study Program is oriented towards Green Social Entrepreneurship (GSEs) to improve a sustainable and global-minded food system.

The learning process of the Agribusiness Study Program always instills core values to maintain a balance between profit (economy), people (social/community), planet (ecology/environment), prosperity and partnership orientations to students as prospective leaders in their environment who prioritize local wisdom in the midst of globalization towards the implementation of Green Agriculture.

Head of Bachelor Agribusiness Study Program
Dr.Ir. Agustina Shinta Hw , MP.







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Workshop Pendampingan dan Penyusunan Dokumen SER dalam rangka Akreditasi Internasional (AQAS)


Konsinyering Pengukuran Learning Outcome Program Studi (LOPS)


Workshop Penyusunan Modul Pendampingan Best Practices MB KM PS Agribisnis FP UB

Supervisi MBKM

Supervisi Mitra MBKM Dinas Pertanian

Supervisi MBKM

Supervisi Mitra MBKM P4S Hikmah Farm


Workshop dan Pelatihan Penyusanan Standart Operasional Prosedur (SOP)

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